Whether you need to keep your pet contained indoors (away from rooms, stairs, garbage or litter boxes), or safe outside (in the yard, out of garden beds, ponds, pools, and driveways), Pet Stop® by Fence-A-Pet has got you covered.

Fence-A-Pet is one of the Top 3 Pet Stop Dealers in the Country. We’ve been in the pet containment industry since 1994 and have gained thousands of clients who are happy with their systems. We pride ourselves in being honest and loyal to our customers, and do not make false claims to gain your business. We’re backed by the Pet Stop company, and will honor any service or equipment issues that may arise.

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Custom Fence Installation Process

The fence installation process is actually quite simple. We will bury a wire around the perimeter of your property with training flags to indicate where the new invisible boundary is. This wire begins and ends at a transmitter that is located at an indoor outlet for power, typically in a garage. Your dog will begin to wear a small customized receiver that is programmed for their individual size and temperament. Using our low-stress GentleSteps™ Training method, your pet is introduced to the boundary and is free to roam your property with training flags removed in roughly 1-2 weeks.

We’ll custom-design a fence layout to meet your specific needs. Below are some examples of our most common layouts:

Full Perimeter Loop

Our most common layout installation is a Full Perimeter loop. This layout gives your pet free range to roam your yard but not leave it.

Figure 8 or “Pinch in”

Also common is the Figure 8 layout. It’s like the Full Perimeter loop, but with a pinch in the middle. This allows you to contain your dog in either the front yard or the back yard, it’s up to you.

Double loop or Banana Loop

The double Loop layout is used to contain only the front or back yard. It’s generally only used when your property’s geography won’t allow for installation around the whole property.


Small yards are no problem at all for Pet Stop technology. Our boundary fences offer settings to create a one-sided signal zone around the perimeter wire in order to maximize the amount of yard your pet can enjoy.

GentleSteps Training

Keeping pets safe in the yard and away from danger doesn’t have to be difficult or stressful! To reduce the stress associated with introducing pets to their new fence, Pet Stop® has introduced the new GentleSteps training method. GentleSteps training is the perfect pairing of product technology with our latest soft-touch training methods.

Our new incremental training program reduces problems commonly associated with our competitor’s training by using barely perceptible levels of collar stimulation, just a tickle, during the critical training phase. Not only do pets learn boundaries faster with GentleSteps™, but the training is also fun. The end result is a happier, healthier, safely contained pet that’s free to roam your property in roughly 1-2 weeks.

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