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We not only provide new fence installations and dog fence training, but continued support for existing dog fence owners of all brands. This includes servicing Wire Breaks, Moving Wires, Additional Garden Loops, Retraining of Dogs and Adding New Dogs to your existing system.

Whether you have a fence that was installed by us or one of our competitors, our expert support is available to you. Contact us today for immediate assistance, and experience the Peace of Mind that only Pet StopⓇ provides.


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Invisible Fence® Independent Service

While Fence A Pet is NOT associated with the Invisible Fence® Company, we do offer independent support and repair services for current Invisible Fence® owners. If you’re not satisfied with your current Invisible Fence® brand system and would like to upgrade to Pet Stop, we also offer trade-in specials.

This doesn’t apply to just Invisible Fence® brand owners, we service all brands of pet containment fencing, including PetSafe®, DogWatch®, DogGuard®, Innotek® and others.

Invisible Fence® Compatible Products

Fence A Pet offers Invisible Fence® compatible batteries and Invisible Fence® compatible receiver collars, as well as other pet containment products that are designed to be compatible with Invisible Fencing® as well as most other brands of hidden electronic containment systems.

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